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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Japanese Wii/PS3 to use this patch?

No. Any console of any region will be able to play the game in English.

Is the patch out yet?

No. However, a full translation patch of the PS3 Tales of Graces F Demo has been released and is available for download.

When will it be done?

At the moment the Wii version of the patch is our priority; it will be completed and released before the PS3 translation. There is currently no ETA.

What will I need for this patch?

A console of any region and a retail Japanese disc of Tales of Graces or Tales of Graces F. Either version of the Wii game will work, as will the Asian version of the PS3 game. See the Wii or PS3 versions of this question for specific homebrew requirements.

Will it work with my backed up copy of Tales of Graces?

No. The translation will only work with Riivolution/R3volution, and will not work with backups, ISOs, or emulators. Buy the game.

Where can I get a copy of the game?

Check the links in the left sidebar.

Wii Questions

What will I need for this patch?

  • A Wii, and a retail copy of Tales of Graces. Either bugfix or the original versions are acceptable.
  • An SD card of at least 128 MB in size.
  • A way to run the Riivolution application. For systems using the 4.2 menu or lower, simply an SD card is required. For systems on 4.3, you will need either the Homebrew Channel installed, a copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl US, or a copy of LEGO Indiana Jones.

How do I play the game in Japanese for now?

You will need to use Riivolution to run it, see this thread for details.

PS3 Questions

What will I need for this patch?

  • A PS3 that has not been updated beyond firmware version 3.55
  • A retail copy of Tales of Graces F. Both the Japanese and Asian region versions will work.
  • A USB drive with at least 128 MB of free space. It will not require any sort of "jailbreak" usb device.

We cannot guarantee that the patch will work on any firmware version later than 3.55. We also suggest that you avoid trying any sort of "CFW" in the meantime; instructions will be posted when the patch is released.

The translated Tales of Graces F Demo was released before recent PS3 hacking advancements, and so it requires firmware 3.41, a USB drive, and a special USB device. We do not recommend any of the commercial devices such as the PSJailbreak as they are usually not flashable and will be incompatible with the patch. A device such as the Teensy is cheap and perfect for the job. A number of ports for common electronic devices are available.

  • PSGroove is available for many programmable boards such as the Teensy.
  • PSFreedom allows you to use most Android phones to hack your PS3.
  • PSFreedom iPhone is available for any iPhone that can run iPhone Linux (iPhone 3G and earlier, iPod Touch 1G)
  • TI-84 and TI-89 calculators can also be used.
  • Rockbox PSGroove can be used on the old iPod models such as the iPod Video.

How do I play the game in Japanese for now?

The game disc will update your PS3 to 3.50 if you are on 3.41. This will allow you to play the game normally (the PS3 is a region free console).

There is no harm in updating your PS3 with the disc, though you will lose the ability to play the English demo patch.


Wii Questions

PS3 Questions

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